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WF-1025 computer multi-axis servo driven spring machine

  • Min. Order:1 Set(s)
  • Date of Delivery:14 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, T/T
  • Port:Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Dongguan Jingye Spring Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guangdong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: Camless spring machine
Model No.: WF-1025 Brand: JINGYE Place of Origin: China
Packing: wooden case


ABOUT Jingye

Jingye is a well-known vertically integrated manufacturer of CNC wire and spring forming machinery.

Our team come from Vinston,Our main team worked in Vinston over 10 years then built our own company, from very small to a company covering 20000 m^2, 50 members,turnover 6 million,assets 3 million USD.


With many years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, Jingye has become a China leader in CNC multi-slide spring & wire forming machines that cover wire ranges from 0.2mm-12.0mm, with features such as servo spinners,free arms, rotating wire, rotating quill and servo controlled hook stations.


We enjoy second biggest market of cam-less spring machine in China.More people prefer choosing Jingye machine because of lower price with high performance which not worse than Vinston,Our 6mm,8mm machine have very big advantages,many else brand spring machine supplier buy machine from us then sold to their customer.


Factory Scale:

  1. every model every time all have stock machine (most small company only have few machine stock,when customer need or visit to see, no machine stock ,customer easily to doubt its capacity)

  2. Fast delivery to our valved customer(every week have 1-5 machines to be shipped,1 year near 200 sets machine sold)

  3. 4 big workshop total about 15000 m^2(material workshop, accessory assembly workshop, accessory parts workshop,showroom workshop ,and office building)

  4. Total 50 members (which is very big qty ,most company just 10)


Design & Patent:

  1. Every machine get patent

  2. Customized design ability

  3. We can redesign our machine based on customer requirement & market feedback

  4. We every year develop 5 new machines

  5. All 5 deign and engineer have get trained and get certification and senior title.

  6. Over 10 years mechanical or electrical field have 20 members who can operate CNC processing center,milling machine,press machine and so on.


Quality guarantee

  1. Every process will have complete test and check on parts

  2. Every machine we will test its speed,performance accordance with specifications

  3. Machine will run at workshop at least 1 week before shipped

  4. IQC,IPQC, QA management before shipment



  1. We are developing 5G remote control, if any problem on machine ,we can through app ,mobile, pc or pad to help solve problem

  2. We are developing AI system ,which can connect to ERP system,so no need extra member to see machine prevent trouble on machine,all can be solved by boss and us,it can save a lot of cost

  3. Reply within 1 hour, no matter if solved or not solved problem ,we must reply within 1 hour ,and give solution within 24 hours by team work

  4. Global service can be provided

  5. Multi-language supported in system,can be set as customer required


After sales policy:

A.  Remote online free technical support by e-mail or telephone or social media ,                                                                    

B.  Supplier can assign the technicians to the customers' factory for the technical support if requested, but cost out of China for technicians,such as board and lodging expenses and round trip air ticket  will be born by customer,1 week free training, out of 1 week ,would be charged                                                                                                                                                                       

C. customers can send their own technicians to the supplier's factory for free 1 week training board and lodging expenses(dormitory and refectory) and round trip air tickets are for buyer's account.                                                                                                          

D. video guiding


1.All equipment provided by our company is guaranteed for one year (except for consumables). During the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance due to problems caused by the equipment itself.


2. Once the contract is concluded, the customer's order is issued, that is, the in-time after-sales service period is entered. We will provide accurate and timely spare parts for customers to order and provide all kinds of services required by customers. We are obliged and responsible to answer any questions raised by customers at any time.


3.our company is responsible for customer training, and lifetime technical support.


4. walk in front of the failure to ensure that any equipment sold by our company runs without trouble.


5. Make every customer satisfied with us and make the customer satisfied with each service.


6. After the order is issued, the contact with the customer should be established. At the same time, our company always pays attention to the customer system layout, air circuit, circuit and so on, so as to ensure the customer to start debugging and production.

7. During the operation period of the equipment, regular customers visit, understand the operation status of each equipment, check the equipment, eliminate potential hidden dangers, guide customer maintenance, and we will understand each unit in various ways, such as telephone. The equipment's operating status, maintenance status, and customer's spare parts storage status are promptly provided with our recommendations to ensure efficient, low-cost, trouble-free operation of each unit.


8. Once the fault occurs, we will respond immediately, on the one hand, by telephone or fax, and on the other hand, we will arrive at the user's site within 12 hours. After arriving at the scene, it is usually necessary to make a conclusion analysis within one hour. After the conclusion is reached, it will be processed immediately. At the same time, customer opinions are recorded, as long as the customer's request is reasonable, that is, unconditionally satisfied.


9. spare parts supply, in order to reduce the customer's spare parts storage costs to the lowest possible level, usually we have a large number of spare parts (various specifications of tools and wearing parts). Once the customer urgently needs a certain type of spare parts, even if the customer has no time to apply for internal requisition or payment, we will also send the spare parts from our company in the fastest way. And if during the warranty period, we provide non-consumable spare parts for free, and bear the labor, transportation or transportation costs incurred as a result.


10. We must establish a cordial and good relationship with our customers, learn from each other in cooperation, listen to the advice of our customers, and respect the opinions of our customers. At the time of starting up, we will systematically and regularly train the operation, maintenance and management personnel: at the same time, we will also pass the knowledge and experience of all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the equipment through our arrival and our fax. Delivered to the user without reservation.


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